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Thomas Issac

Sri.Thomas Issac is a Communist party leader and an ex-Minister in the Communist Government which during the period from 2007 to 2011. He was the Finance Minister in the above Ministry and was in charge of the People’s Plan Campaign. This campaign is considered as big landmark in the implementation of decentralization policy.

Peoples Plan Campaign was an experiment in Kerala State allowing the local government to play a vital role in implementing the plans relating to their area. In India’s ninth plan, each State was expected to have its own plan and the people’s plan as an offshoot of it. The Government of Kerala took a bold decision in the beginning of the ninth plan to allocate 35% of the development fund to local Governments where people can determine their plan for development and implement it. In fact, decentralization is a process through which the Government at lower levels were given participation by the citizens actively involving in it.During his tenure as Minister he was in charge of the implementation People’s Plan. This plan was not only   very successful in Kerala, butit  also drew attention from various quarters throughout the country.

He was born on 26-09-1852 as the son of P.T. Mathew and his wife Saramma. He obtained PhD in Economics from JawarlalNehru University, Delhi. While he was a student, he was active in Students Federation of India which was  the students union linked to CPI(M). While he was a student he has held important positions in SFI in the State as well as the National level.  He has worked as a professor at the Center for Developmental Studies and has published 11 in Malayalam and 4 books in English.

Local democracy, Modernization and unemployment in Coir Industry, Kalliassery experiment in local level planning etc are some of his books in English. ‘The withering coconut’(kariyunnaKalpakaVriksham), ‘ABC of political economy’, ‘The world bank and IMF’( LokabankumNanayanidhiyum), ‘Science and Social Planning, ‘Political economy of surrender’ etc are some of the books in Malayalam published by  him.